Enrol with Us

Joining the Rhode Street School Whanau

New Entrants / New Students / New Whanau

Children may legally begin school at the age of five. An enrolment form, a copy of their immunisation details, two forms of proof of a current residential address (power/phone/rates account) and birth certificate must be handed into the office before any student can be legally enrolled.

The school welcomes pre-enrolment visits. These visits are important for your child to make a secure start at school. Children can normally begin ‘practicing’ school on any morning during the 6 weeks before they turn five. Parents must stay with their child during this time.

Starting School

Settling into school needs to be a team effort between the school and home. Please feel free to come and discuss with your child’s teacher any concerns or information you may have that will help this important transition.

Junior children spend a very busy day at school attempting and practicing new skills. Their efforts are noted and recognised in a positive way. Our acceptance, recognition and encouragement of their efforts gives them confidence to develop a healthy attitude to their learning. Your assistance and co-operation at home definitely helps your child’s learning progress as well. We encourage parental participation in our new entrant / reception classes as well as any of our other classes.