Outdoor Education

Each year students are given opportunities to learn outside the classroom. These opportunities support the curriculum, and may include a walk down the street, a class trip or in the senior school, an overnight camp.

These are valuable extensions of our class programmes. Parent help on such excursions is essential and any offer of transport and supervision is greatly appreciated. All vehicles must have a current WoF and Registration with seatbelts for every child.

Senior students also have the opportunity of longer camps including ski camps, beach camps and bush camps if the opportunity arises and funding is available with parent support.


Rhode Street School offers the Aqua Ed – Swim Smart Programme to every student for up to four weeks during the year at Water World Te Rapa. This is our core teaching programme that caters for children through a sequential five level learn to swim and personal survival programme, designed to allow students to enter and advance through the programme at their own rate. The programme runs over 5 days (40 minute lessons each day) and caters for all our students. A user-pays fee is charged to subsidise the programme. This years cost per student is $30.00 per week ($6.00 per lesson). Most students will complete at least two weeks of lessons per year.

Students are transported to and from the school by staff and parent volunteers.

The teachers at the aquatic centre all hold NZ swimming qualifications and work in groups no larger than 10 students per instructor.