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The School and Home Partnership

Students who are engaged in learning while at school will gain an advantage which will serve them well throughout their lives. The most significant factors in engaging students are the quality of teaching and the partnership between school, home and family. Home and school partnerships that focus clearly on learning and respect have a far greater impact on student achievement.

Rhode Street School is always focusing and reflecting on how we can develop this partnership between home and school and vice versa.

Your support as parents, caregivers and whanau is vital in ensuring your child/ren value learning. The way you interact with them about school, about supporting their relationships with teachers, and about providing the supportive environment needed at home; is paramount in securing a better future for each student at this school.

The staff of Rhode Street School are professionals who have the best interests of all the students at heart. We provide transformative and effective teaching programmes supported by excellent resources and staff dedication. We always need your support as parents, caregivers and whanau to continue the hard work each of us put into engaging your child in a learning partnership.

You Can Help Us By :

Getting your child to school on time (before the 8.30 am bell goes)

Making sure they have had adequate sleep the night before hand (minimum of 10 hours)

Insisting they have breakfast either at home or school when they arrive

Providing healthy snacks and a substantial nutritional lunch (including plenty of fruit)

Monitoring home learning and providing your support where needed

Returning school notices on time and with permission slips and the correct monies

Reading the newsletter every fortnight (with your child) on Monday night.

Ensuring your child is dressed for the weather (including a school hat and sunscreen)

Being positive about school, the people who work here and about learning.

Valuing your school and everyone who belongs to it (including YOU)

And by visiting us on a regular basis when the opportunities arise.

We all want our children to have the best chance in life and school is so important in ensuring this can happen. We only get this one opportunity with each child and value the vocation we have chosen. You must as parents, caregivers and families support this philosophy along side us as a school, to ensure we reach our goals together.

I thank you for taking this on board and joining us on our journey to, Everyone Growing and Respecting a Quality Learning Whanau.


Principal and Proud of It

Email: ngatai@rhodestreet.school.nz

Mobile: 021 968 750